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Taking Business Innovation Facility (BIF) project lessons to national scale. The project which ended August 2019 was targeted at sustainable income growth for smallholder producers.

CBiIL Business Focus Areas

Grains Production

Low income producers typically do not know that using good inputs in the right mix for a specific soil type and following good practices for raising the crops, all other things being equal, would achieve productivity levels closer to the genetic potential of a given seed.

Dairy Production

A major constraint to income growth of women in pastoralist communities is the low price for milk products in the traditional market and the significant wastage which occurs due to poor milk handling and pasteurization techniques – up to 20% of milk is wasted using traditional methods.

Information Aggregation

Projects are not scaling up because of data gaps: Extension service is only available at 1 extension worker to 10,000 farmers; no reliable farmer KYC data; data collection cost is prohibitive and expansion beyond a certain number raises the economics of production unacceptably.

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