Request For Quotation (RFQ)

Galvanized Mesh Wire Fencing For 10.45Ha CBi Innovations Limited is a currently implementing a dairy development programme. To achieve this, we would require the services of an expert to establish perimeter fencing for a Demonstration Farm in Paikon Kore Grazing Reserve, Gwagwalada Abuja. The size of the land is 10.45Ha. We therefore invite the submissionContinue reading “Request For Quotation (RFQ)”


SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF SOLAR PANEL CBi Innovations Limited is a company supporting local farmers to improve farming productivity and output. To achieve this, we would require 4.5KVA-10KVA Solar power to light up our housing facility at Ladugga Grazing Reserve, Kaduna State. We therefore kindly request for the submission of quotations for consideration before theContinue reading “REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ)”