Request for Quotation – Vehicle Lease-to-Purchase

CBi Innovations Limited is a company supporting local farmers to improve farming productivity and output. To achieve this would require 4×4 vehicles to traverse difficult farmlands and rural locations where our beneficiaries are located. We therefore kindly request for the submission of quotations for consideration before the Close of Business by 5:00pm (Nigerian Time) onContinue reading “Request for Quotation – Vehicle Lease-to-Purchase”

Agriculturist Wants Women to Empower Themselves through Agriculture

This post, was culled from publication by AgriBiz Info. It features a report by the promoter of CBi Innovations Ltd. on the necessity for women to get involved in Agriculture. The Chief Executive Officer, Convention on Business Integrity, Mr Soji Apampa, on Thursday urged women to tap into the agricultural sector and empower themselves theContinue reading “Agriculturist Wants Women to Empower Themselves through Agriculture”

7 Ways to Revamp Nigeria’s Rural Agricultural Economies

This post, was originally published on the CBi website. It features 7 steps to creating inclusive, rural, integrated development in Nigeria. Newspapers are replete with the alarming stories of Fulani herdsmen/farmers[1] or Fulani herdsmen/community[2] clashes. The clashes have often resulted in condemnable, criminal, barbaric acts that have largely gone unpunished by the authorities and have led toContinue reading “7 Ways to Revamp Nigeria’s Rural Agricultural Economies”

UK agric programme generates N11.4 billion

This post was adapted from an article that first appeared in The Nation Newspapers on June 21, 2019. It reports on the achievements of the BIF Project at that date, the precursor to CBi Innovations Ltd. The Convention on Business Integrity (CBI), implementers of a United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) supported agriculture project,Continue reading “UK agric programme generates N11.4 billion”