CBiIL Engages with Community at Paikon Kore Grazing Reserve

In January 2021, CBi Innovations Limited, under the Nigeria Livestock Development Project (NLDP), carried out business support services (BSS) activities at Paikon Kore grazing reserve in Gwagwalada Area council of Abuja. These activities were a part of the goal to develop 1,000 ha of grazing area, and demonstrate how the establishment of improved pasture can increase productivity of indigenous cattle and contribute to the professionalization of settled Fulanis as dairy farmers.

The activities are as follows:

Advocacy visit to community leaders and cooperative leaders at Paikon Kore grazing reserve (18th January, 2021)

This was a day visit to sensitize the leaders on: 

  1. Census survey to be conducted in the community.
  2. Solicit for individual lands from the pastoralist so they can grow Napier grass individually for their cattle to feed.
  3. Second dose of vaccine for the cattle in their community  

Enumerator and Trainee interview and selection (19th – 21st January, 2021)

In preparation for the proposed enumeration exercise, interview and selection of enumerators and trainees were conducted ahead of the exercise. The individuals selected assisted in the census survey at the grazing reserve.  

The exercise was conducted by CBI Innovations Dairy team where interview questions were issued to the youths from outside the community and youths within the community. 10 enumerators were selected outside the community and 10 trainees from within the community. After the selection was done a training was conducted at Paikon Kore grazing reserve on how to conduct themselves during the exercise and also on how to use the devices provided for the exercise.

Identification of existing cooperatives and registration of new members (20th January, 2021)

The third activity was identification and registration of existing co-operatives. The goal was to identify existing cooperatives in the community, register new ones and also new members. We were able to identify 166 (95 men and 61 women) registered as members, then discovered 20 persons in number without co-operatives.

Enumeration survey (25th January – 3rd February, 2021)

The fourth activity was the census survey aimed at determining the number of cattle in the community to enable us determine the quantity of milk we can offtake and also to determine the number of households in the community. At the end of the exercise, 692 households were interviewed.


  1. The exercise was to cover all households in the grazing reserve but upon visit to some of the households, we discovered herds go out for grazing early in the morning as a result of this, some households were not captured.
  1. The vaccination exercise appreciated by the pastoralist based on their feedback. However, some of the pastoralists weren’t privileged to get their cattle vaccinated as information didn’t get to them early enough when the exercise was conducted in December, 2020.
  1. During the course of the Census survey showed most of the Pastoralists had similar names. 

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