Request For Quotation (RFQ)

Galvanized Mesh Wire Fencing For 10.45Ha

CBi Innovations Limited is a currently implementing a dairy development programme. To achieve this, we would require the services of an expert to establish perimeter fencing for a Demonstration Farm in Paikon Kore Grazing Reserve, Gwagwalada Abuja. The size of the land is 10.45Ha. We therefore invite the submission of proposals from qualified experts demonstrating interest and capacity to deliver the project. Applications must be submitted by 2:00pm (Nigerian Time) on January 25th, 2022.

Quotations should be received by Email to The Address Below:

CBi Innovations Limited Address to be provided on request to Attention: Admin/Procurement Manager

Email Address:

Application Requirements:

  • A brief company profile, proposed design of the Mesh fence, including 2 References and evidence of work experience.
  • The Quotation that Complies with all of the Specifications, Requirements and Offers the Best price, As well as All other Evaluation criteria indicated, shall be selected. Any offer that does not meet the Requirements shall be Rejected.
  • Any Discrepancy between the unit price and the total price (Obtained by multiplying the Unit price and Quantity) shall be Re-Computed by CBi Innovations. The unit price shall prevail and the Total price shall be corrected. If the Supplier does not Accept the Final price based on CBi Innovations Re-Computation and Correction of error, Its Quotation will be rejected.
  • Decision would be based on:
  1. Quality materials
  2. Quality Designs
  3. Value for money
  • At any time during the validity of the Quotation, No price variation Due to Escalation, inflation, Fluctuation, in Exchange rates, or any other market factors shall be Accepted by CBi Innovations after it has Received the Quotation.
  • At the time of Award of Contract or purchase order, CBi Innovations Reserves the Right to Vary (Increase or Decrease) the quantity of services and/or Goods, by Up to A maximum Twenty-Five per Cent (25%) of the total offer, without Any change in the Unit Price or Other Terms and Conditions.
  • Any purchase order that will be issued as a result of this RFQ shall be subjected to the General Terms and Conditions Attached Hereto. The Mere Act of submission of a Quotation Implies that the Vendor Accepts without Question the General Terms and Conditions of CBi Innovations Herein.
  • CBi Innovations is not bound to accept any Quotation, Nor Award a Contract/Purchase order, Nor be Responsible for any costs Associated with a Supplier’s Preparation and Submission of a Quotation, Regardless of the Outcome or the manner of Conducting the selection process.
  • CBi Innovations encourages every prospective Vendor to avoid and prevent Conflicts of interest, by disclosing to CBi Innovations if you or any of your Affiliates or Personnel, were involved in the preparation of the requirements, design, specification, cost estimates, and other information used in this RFQ.
  • CBi Innovations implements a Zero tolerance on fraud and other proscribed practices, and is committed to identifying and addressing all such Acts and practices against CBi Innovations, As well as Third parties involved in CBi Innovation’s activities.
Sample of Mesh Wire required for the fencing
Mapping and coordinates for the 10.45Ha

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